• You don't have to think of it as what to do with your "life", as in choosing a life career. Many people have several careers throughout their lives. You just have to think about what to do right now. I personally recommend an employment agency because they match a job to your interests and skills. And you don't have to pay them until they get you a job. Don't think of yourself as a failure because you "failed" at engineering. That has always been at the top of "mind demanding" subjects, but now there is the additional layer of computer technology. If you are open to whatever is available, drive through the industrial part of your town. (or nearby larger town/city.). If you see something that interests you, go in and say "Yes sir. I want to work on motorcycles." Or whatever. You have to somehow change your perspective of your abilities. That is some serious self-doubt to write that you can only do three things. You can do a thousand things. You just haven't done them yet.
    • JovialW
      Well, I did your advice and I was lucky to be a store clerk, working for two days and getting at least 65 dollars a week which is nice. Also, I usually think myself that I am a failure because of the lack of skills I do in general, but I need to get that out of my head and tell myself that I know I can do it. Also, I have been doing "some" project on Deviantart, drawing character concepts, writing manga stories and one day might make it a game(Might have to depend on someone to do that since my coding skiils are basically crap) Any ways and advice one how to be successful at that even if it's some hobby of mine?
    • Zotron
      Getting that thought ( "I can't do anything.") out of your head is exactly the answer. Whatever you say to yourself is the same as programming a computer. I know zero minus about computer programming, but I know there is a term "GIGO". ("Garbage in, garbage out") That means that you only get out of a computer what you program into it. If you program a computer "I don't know.", all you will get from it is "I don't know." Maybe you don't have a lot of varied experience but that doesn't mean you can't learn. That is interesting about your art project. I don't know who you could contact to share your ideas with to possibly develop a game, but I know that gaming is a huge industry that employs thousands of people. Every game started as someone's idea. Maybe you could just contact a game company about a specific game and ask "Who's idea was this?" Then write to that person and ask how they got their idea from concept to game. I'm sure it took a lot of people each doing their job, but first they needed the concept to work with. I don't know if you meant that you got the job recently or in the past. You said "... which `is' nice.", so I guess you mean you are working now. If so, that's great.
  • What did you say you were doing for work? You need to help someone else. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or pet rescue. Find work, even if its fast food. Then once you have a job look for a better job.
    • Linda Joy
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  • Therapy. I love talking to a therapist as they help you learn coping skill and are paid to help
  • If you count starting a Twitter account as a success in life, you need to aim significantly higher, along with being a "gaming pro" (whatever that is). Nobody sucks at everything and everybody is good at something. You just need to figure out what that is and quit feeling so sorry for yourself. That's gets you nowhere. If you think you're life is going nowhere, take a look in the mirror cause that's who's fault it is.
  • Not being able to understand the course work, does not make a bad engineer, unfortunately those that can do, sometimes have trouble writing about it. Don't give up, you won't find out what you want to do if you don't keep trying. I didn't have it easy, but I kept signing up for courses, while doing different jobs, I finally found a job I enjoyed when I was thirty, but I had to do 3 years of college work. Remember life's a journey, and no matter what happens you have just got to keep on keeping on, and also find out what you enjoy to do as a hobby, and the only way you'll find out, is by giving it a go. You're not alone, many people are in the same boat, life happens regardless of where you are, and you have to learn to adapt, it's those who can adapt, that handle life far better.
    • JovialW
      Well...I currently have a Deviantart account and is starting a few projects on a fangame and also writing some manga story that I hope will one day will be realized. So far, I've made loads of original characters to upload for my story and may one day be some book or a game of some sorts. Just need to know where and how to start off from there. Any suggestions in general?
    • Creamcrackered
      I've come across deviantart a few times, some good stuff on there, sounds like your skill lies in the artistic. My brother works in lighting design, but has his own little business on the side doing what he loves which is carpentry and design, so maybe for now you could get a job just for the money, and set up your own little business, or finish your book and see if you can get it published, or start your own website.
  • Stop drawing cartoons and writing stories and start drawing icons. And try googling. That's how I found this.

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