• Mine is Maple Brown or Cinnamon flavored
  • Cookies. haha. I don't buy the expensive packets of oatmeal. I buy mine in a big can, old fashioned. I like my oatmeal with raisins or little chunks of apple and cinnamon in it. But usually I mix it with applesauce. You can flavor it with koolaid as well. If you like strawberries and cream just use strawberry koolaid and coffee creamer. You can also use it to make oat milk. I put it in my breakfast drink and run it through the blender. Some people strain it. I like the texture the way it is without straining. My grandson once asked me if I could make the oatmeal less mushy! lol That's when I learned if you heat the water to boiling and pour it over the oatmeal and don't stir, it will cook from the heat of the water and it will be less mushy if you don't stir it. Quaker also has a good recipe online for granola made from oatmeal as well.

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