• Were what raised in a religious household? Me? No. My mother was a mentally damaged divorce in the 60's and worked at a bar to feed her seven girls which looked like a harem to any sexual predator. At one point I was actually grounded from going to church. My parents were nuts, go figure! When I finally actually saw through the members of MY Church what a family was really supposed to be like it was foreign to me but I felt the love. I can't ever deny the love of God I have felt through MY Church. And yes, I have felt it also from atheists. God can work through anyone. What about YOU? Were YOU raised in a religious household? Are you thankful or resentful for it? Do you practice that religion now? Have you turned from it? Defy it? Do you teach the same religion to your children?
  • somewhat religious
  • Relatively religious. We all attended catechism, and mass every Sunday. We all went thru all the sacraments available to children, we all learned about the Church, Her teachings and history.
  • Not especially. My parents were not very religious, but they did send me to Sunday School in the Episcopal Church (one of the most liberal branches of mainstream Christianity), and I did go through confirmation classes. Their view -- an entirely correct one -- is that you cannot call yourself an educated person here in the West without a strong knowledge and understanding of Judeo-Christianity, its history, and its influence. Our churches were ecumenically inclined, so we didn't just study Christian beliefs; we were also introduced to other faiths in a comparative sense. I found all that to be of inestimable value in high school and college, in the study of history, literature, and the arts. In fact, because my non-religious parents had given me a children's Bible, I was a lot more familiar with biblical stories than most of my classmates (except the Catholics) by the time I finished elementary school. Today I am an atheist, but I'm still much more knowledgeable about religion than many people I know and even teach the subject in the context of Early Modern European history. And it's all because my parents were non-religious but smart about what educated people needed to know.
  • No. My parents allowed me and my siblings to chose or not to chose a religion. However, I attended religious service for a few years based on the recommendation of a teacher.
  • semi religious
  • I wasn’t raised in a religious upbringing but my mum told me to believe there is a god
  • Yes. We went to church twice a year (whether we needed it or not), and we kids would moan and groan about having to go. (Not excessively. My parents didn't tolerate excessive moaning and groaning.)
  • A rabid baptist poor excuse for a mother, (only slightly less wacko than the one in that 'Carrie' movie), who spent nine years trying to brainwash me into her xtian cult.
  • was sent to Sunday school so yes

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