• Well in a perfect environment there would be no throwing down. So that takes care of that :)
    • BJitsu
      Your sentence doesn’t make sense.
  • The Hebrew word for "heavens" is shamayim, it is in a plural form, meaning "heights." The bible shows that sin changed the set up of the world, this is demonstrated by the fact that there was no death, no murder, no meat eating prior to the fall, and this all changed after. In the story of the fall, man disobeyed God, and obeyed the nachash, this is where he put his faith, he lusted to be like God, just as the nachash did, hence enters in pride and separation from God, because there is no sin in Goodness. Hence, man remains destined to never be fulfilled he walks in darkness, unless he seeks the light, repentence, rebirth, and union with the Father, which God has offered of course through the faith in "following" Jesus Christ, which man lost.
    • BJitsu
      Your comment doesn’t answer the simple gist of my questIon. Why would an absolutely perfect god make an absolutely imperfect decision?
    • LogicHead
      THat is your view and that too shows a certain dumbness. God's aim is mercy and it is only according to your view of what God should do that it is imperfect !!
    • BJitsu
      What part are you saying is my opinion? Is god perfect? Is heaven perfect? Was earth supposedly perfect when Adam and Eve were placed in it? You are quick to discredit with no explanation!
    • Creamcrackered
      He didn't make an imperfect decision is my answer. God gave man choice, you can only have choice if you have opposites to choose from, he didn't force you to choose him, that would not be love, but he did inform us of the consequences, and he gave us a way back from our bad choice.
    • BJitsu
      You know I don’t think you are reading the question and actually thinking about it. Your canned answer doesn’t answer the question at all. To give an analogy: I am a parent with two kids. One kid is 5 years old and very good, innocent, and sweet. The other is an adult very bad and is a murderer that hates everyone. I tell the adult kid that he can no longer use his bedroom anymore and as a punishment I throw him into the sweet 5 year old child’s room and lock the door. I tell the 5 year old not to eat any of the Reese cups in the bag on the desk. After the 5 year old eats the candy I throw him out of his comfortable room and force him to live in the woods for the rest of his life to teach him a good lesson on listening.
  • Ezekiel 28
  • True Christians don't go around the idea, but get straight to the point. Sin would not exist if Satan was not thrown down to Earth. If this was the case, all humans would be sinless. This is the *logic* of it and this is were" free will" comes in to decide what YOU actually want to do? how do YOU want live? what do YOU want to believe? and are YOU free to be whatever you want to be? Is this not true? It couldn't be any truer than that, as you wouldn't appreciate someone making ALL the decisions for you.

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