• Are you seriously a Dude named Hazel? Is that common where you live? I think you should both reexamine your marriage vows and make a decision. I don't know about you, but to me Marriage is a sacred covenant between me and God. Yes, the promises were made to her as well, but those promises were made to God as well. If you want out of this thing do it the right way not the cheater's way. And if you both want to screw around consider an open marriage, whatever that is. All I know is that its NOT for me. I'll share almost anything I have, but my soul partner is NOT one of them. And if you do, be safe and don't spread STD's. Don't just do it because she did. You don't have to be as lowdown as those who do you wrong. Be the person you want to be because, like you said she can leave (with or without your permission) no matter who you are with you have to live with the things you've done and the person you have chosen to become. That doesn't necessarily mean 'wait it out'. If you want to be in this thing work for it to succeed. Because if you don't it WILL deteriorate.
    • Hazel
      My eyes are hazel color that's changes different hazel colors. So I got the nickname hazel or green eyed demon ?.. Thanks for the advice.

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