• Jordan
    • Linda Joy
      Jordan might have become as good as Bo at baseball if it weren't for the strike, but he never really got his baseball game where it might have been. Not saying he wouldn't have though. He brought a lot of fans to Birmingham when he played baseball for the Barons! They both did things that looked humanly impossible! Didn't Bo do the high jump without ever learning how to do it and broke a record the first time? I'm not sure I got that right, but that's how I remember the story.
    • Steven Bell
      Bo because Because people vote for Jordan all the time and im 12 and still thinks this adults need to grow up
  • Bo Jackson. I mean they were both outstanding, but remember Bo Jackson was a high level track athlete, an elite football AND baseball player, and was just an unbelievable combination of strength and speed. Michael was more agile, but if Bo had stayed healthy and dedicated himself to one sport, he would have been an all-time great in that sport. Whereas Michael basically failed at being a baseball player. I mean, that's not fair, he converted so late in life, and did well considering, but Bo was an ACTUAL outstanding pro baseball player while being a star RB in the NFL AT THE SAME TIME. Deion Sanders did this, but he was more of a middling utility baseball player. Bo was an ACTUAL star at both.

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