• Talking to him will be a much better help than anonymous folks on the internet.
  • Why should your ex buy you any gifts at all? Like Archie Bunker said, talking to him will do a lot more good than talking to anyone else about it, especially anyone here.
  • ex means you are no longer together. Move on. He wasn't right for you anyway. Don't lower your standards. You deserve better.
  • How old are you ? Wake up. Grow up, and Move along. He thinks you're too self-centered, and needy. He may, or may not be right, but one way or the other ... he doesn't want to waste his time on you, so why are you wasting your time thinking of him ?
    • JenthePen
      Thankfully he got in touch and said he misses me so much :) he just needed a bit of space as he has stuff going on. Needy me? Eh, my mum is terminally ill with MND and my nephew currently in hospital with low oxygen levels and fluid in stomach. Be kind until you know somebody's situation :)
  • if he cared for you, he'd be with you ..just try and forget him and keep busy
  • We can't read his mind. However, since you broke up, why would you expect him to do anything for Valentine's Day? That's hardly realistic. He seems to be moving on. You need to do the same.

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