• How old are you? And why are the two of you playing with bears? Grow up and ask him out if you want to go out with the guy. How else will you get to know him and know if its him you like or the attention? It sounds to me like you don't trust yourself to be able to handle it if he says no. FYI, a no just means to move on and ask someone else. But it also sounds like this BOY has no intention of putting any effort into this friendship - saying you're shy is an easy way for him not to make any effort. He said he likes you and he's waiting for you to do all the work. Good luck!
  • Go along with his teddy bears. Tell him how adorable they are when you converse with him. Obviously he has a softer side which is a good thing. Stuffed animals are only a problem when they are hoarded.
  • I don't understand teddy bear code. I've found it's always better to actually talk to people than to try to give them hints that they might not understand.
  • Maybe it's time to take the next step... ask him out for coffee or dinner, get to know each other better and maybe leave each other rubber chickens... wait, did you say he told you when he was drunk? He wasn't drunk at work was he?
  • I think I might report you to the cruelty to Teddy Bears trust, it is not good to use these poor teddy bears to ascertain your relationship status, they have feelings too.

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