• There are many. Here are a few examples: 1. No sweets until you finish your dinner. Outgrown. 2. Bedtime. Should keep but don't. 3. No listening to AC/DC. Unnecessary.
    • Linda Joy
      lol @ AC/DC rule! Very good examples!
  • Your parents rules.
  • Go put some clothes on! - Yeah, it's my house now, bitch!!
  • Let's see here. Well, I sometimes have an elbow on the table while eating; finish my drink before finishing my meal....And son on... Suffice to say to the second part of your question, I want to believe my parents had a moral 'agenda', if you will, to establish a foundation in childhood I could mold into adulthood. Old school? Naysayers have at me! It's true though and I harbor no resentments against parents OR the naysayers!
  • A fixed bedtime
  • it wasn't a rule, but I had to eat liver and onions when my mom made it. I haven't eaten it in over..., well since I was 8.

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