• A woman was babysitting her nephew, playing a violent video game with him. She opened the front door to get a breeze in the house, because it was stuffy, but she did not open the window. A concerned neighbour noticed that the front door was open, so he called the police to ask them to check on his neighbour. When the police arrived at the scene, they decided to get reconnaissance around the house, so they quietly surrounded the place and looked in the windows. One officer, looking through a closed window, heard the violent video game and thought something might be wrong. The aunt heard a noise from outside, and, concerned for the safety of her nephew, draw a handgun she was licensed to carry and approached the window. The officer saw a shadowy figure approaching the (closed) window and shouted commands at the aunt, who couldn't hear anything other than shouting, due to the closed window. The officer, realizing that the shadowy figure in the window did not immediately respond to commands, opened fire, killing the aunt. The officer didn't see the weapon drawn until the aunt was already dead.
  • 1)A concerned neighbor noticed that the front door was open, so he went to the open door to check on his neighbor,identifying himself and voicing a question "Is everything alright?____________________________________ 2)The police arrive and go to the open door identifying themselves and their reason for checking. (so sad that this tragedy actually happened) +10 for this question

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