• There are several but the one most prevalent is laetrile which is known to cure cancer in a short period of time. Drug and Food along with the AMA and pharmaceutical corps. will not let it on the market because it would cost them trillions of dollars. HIV/AIDS is also curable using the Dr. Robert Beck Protocol again it would cost the health corps trillions of dollars.
    • bostjan64
      I know, but, personally, if you had HIV, say, and you had an opportunity to take the *illegal* cure, would you do it, or not? It was intended to be an ethical question. Thanks for the information, though, either way. Also, LSD is criminalized, because large doses cause hallucinations, and a lot of people abuse it, but it can permanently cure cluster headaches if taken in a dose far smaller than that which causes hallucinations.
    • mushroom
      Laetrile is found naturally in many foods. It breaks down in the body as cyanide, something you do not want to take in excess. Antioxidants in foods are also seen as cancer-fighting. If eating nuts, tomatoes and garlic were all it takes, there'd be a lot of happy cancer-free Italians.
    • Thinker
      The laetrile uses apricot seeds as the main source. The cyanide is very small and locked in the two other molecules associated. There is a very good YouTube video on it under the heading of vitamin B-17
    • Thinker
      To answer your direct question, I would use an illegal source provided there is enough evidence showing it is safe but just not approved.
  • I'd try it.

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