• On here? I glanced at over ten pages and only saw one. I don't know why some people still think its o.k. to insult dumb, fat, and ugly people, but its not. They have feelings too. Technically dumb means unable to speak. But that's not usually what people mean. They usually mean to be mean by calling someone dumb. If they were intelligent themselves they would know a much more more precisely descriptive adjective.
    • Linda Joy
      I have two special needs nieces that are technically severely retarded and mildly retarded and a son and grandson that are geniuses with ADD and ADHD. Those are measured diagnoses if you will. But that doesn't tell you who they are. Kris can barely understand the words you say but she's blessed verbally so people don't understand how profoundly limited she is. Her sister Samantha sounds like a professionally trained mental health professional, but its just because she's been through a lot of therapy. She is, in fact, mentally retarded. I have learned a lot from both of them. As well as my son and grandson, the geniuses! At two my son asked me what are people made of, and WHY is it milk? !!! That child definitely broadened my thinking process! But neither of them, with all their brains could figure out how to stay out of trouble! Not serious trouble, just the annoying kind that makes you have to deal with your ex again!
  • Yes rick, separating actions from the person is more considerate and accurate. No one can accurately judge another human beings core identity. Any label attached to a person is Always inaccurate.
    • Linda Joy
      Your use of the world 'always' technically makes your statement false. If I called you a man would that necessarily be inaccurate? It is a label, right? However I agree that it is more considerate not to judge others based on one quote or one moment or choice in their lives. It does not define them. But you do have to evaluate people in your life, whether it be to employ them or leave your children in their care or even whether or not to vote for a certain politician. Then you have to know how to honestly evaluate people and as Dr. Phil says the best indicator of future behavior is relevant past behavior. So we can't be surprised when people take past behavior in account when evaluating a person's character. Whether that person is your favorite or not so much. It is only fair to evaluate them equally, right? I think I'm speaking to me again! Thank you for showing me other perspectives in a kind way. You inspire me to be a better person.

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