• Most shows I watch because I want to be entertained. But, I also want realism in those that are period pieces. Prime example would be putting minority actors in movies or TV shows just to be politically correct because the SAG thinks there should be more equality in casting.
    • Linda Joy
      Same with gay characters! They're everywhere on tv and only 4.5% of the population
    • Archie Bunker
      I'm not getting the big push to replace men with women and blacks with whites. The Ghostbusters remake with the girls was atrocious. And so was the Ocean's 11 remake. Just putting out movies that have a bunch of women in them and wondering why they're not making any money is just plain stupid. Instead of whining about the sex of the actors, just make a decent movie, irregardless of sex or race. They're making the same complaints with the black Ariel and the big hub-bub over having the first black 007. Not only does it have to be a black 007, but a black female.
  • No. Even when people tell their friends stories, they leave out boring details. If television gets too realistic, it gets too boring. If it's not realistic enough, it comes off as dumb or worse - unrelateable. A good story should find the sweet spot where it's exciting and immersive. The top three movies on IMDB are: The Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather, and Batman: The Dark Knight. None of those are based off of true stories, but they are all noted for humanizing characters in extraordinary situations - a man convicted of multiple murders he did not commit, a gangster who conquers the underworld, and a version of Batman that is more like a rich ninja than a superhero.
    • Linda Joy
      I've only seen one of those three, wasn't all that impressed with it and refuse to watch the other two. Same with the child pornography movies others seem to think is o.k. Its not! But I agree tv is for entertainment and should be entertaining.
    • Archie Bunker
      All 3 of those are awesome stories, 64. Good acting, good scripts, good cinematography, good scoring. Unfortunately, knowing Hollywood, they'll try to reboot them with a more diverse cast.
    • bostjan64
      Linda, I am shocked by your comment. Who said child pornography was okay?! I've never said that!

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