• Not. Good leaders govern their own people and let others choose their own method of government. When a dictator starts forcing their government to spread to those who don't wish it then something should be done.
  • Kim Ung wants attention, globally. He will get it one way the the other. Right now he is getting attention in a positive manner. When that stops, like a monster child, he will do something outrageous to get attention. Doesn't matter who he hurts or how many. I can see a reason for Trump establishing a friendly relationship, no matter what the history. Many lives depend on it.
  • Wasn't Hitler a dictator? I sure don't agree with condoning dictatorship. In a dictatorship nobody is free.
  • Not necessarily. A dictator for a whole country is usually pretty bad. But, sometimes a good leader being a dictator works, like in a military unit. You can have a good leader that acts like a dictator, as long as he's making good decisions, you're okay.
    • mushroom
      That eventually got MacArthur canned.
    • Archie Bunker
      MacArthur was obnoxious. And he didn't want to listen to his boss. I think that's what got him canned.

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