• That statement is not true. This is all a matter of whether or not you choose to appreciate what you have or nurture envy and fail to practice restraint and adhere to a budget. And which "system" are you trying to blame for this perceived problem? One more question... do you live in the U.S.?
  • The first statement is not true. It has two clauses. 1. Everyone wants money. Not true. There are people, i.e. humans, on Earth, who know nothing about money. There are others who had money and gave it all away. Not everyone wants money. 2. There is not enough money for everyone. Not sure what you mean, but if I take the statement at face value, it is also not true. If the richest man on Earth (Jeff Bezos, worth >$130B, as of 2019) gave each human (~8B as of 2019) a ten dollar bill (which is money), he'd still have plenty for himself (over $50B). And if the 50 richest people on Earth pooled their money, and no one tried to interfere, they could make sure that every human on earth had enough food (wouldn't be great food, though), water, and air to survive. So, I guess, no matter what interpretation of the second clause, it's technically wrong.
  • there needs to be rnore jobs around
    • OrangeDonRump
      Almost every business I have gone into for he last few months has had a HELP WANTED sign on it. There is more than enough work to go around right now. Almost everyone is hiring.
  • If everyone was able to print their own money and it was legal to do so, there would be nobody working. If there was nobody working there would be no food or transportation, or medicine, legal system, electricity, running water, or anything else needed for survival. The world would die or revert to cave-man days.😍
  • We had a "Will work for food" guy directly across the street from a local business with huge banners, "HIRING".
  • I understand the "everyone" context meaning "generally speaking", and not specifically "everyone" as it pertains to the census. As far as there not being enough money for everyone, this part isn't true. Electronic banking practices have rendered the need for physical currency unnecessary. As long as electronic banking exists, it's a matter of adding credits to people's accounts, and thus, there is an unlimited amount of money available. As to the economic impact it would have, that's another story. The unlimited budget the US government is enjoying will eventually collapse the entire economic structure.

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