• Putting a ? at the end of a statement doesn't turn it into a question. What, exactly is your question? And how are we supposed to help? Did you want to know if its legally binding? You can change it if you want. Did you want us to convince your mother your father did it? Were you insinuating with your link that your father forced you to do this against your will? What is your question? If you want to change it start here:
  • I donated my organ long ago, sticky keys. :P
    • mushroom
      Some contact cleaner would have solved that problem. Well, maybe someone got a few years of enjoyment from that Hammond.
    • Wakko
      Hey, I'm not THAT old! :P
  • Nobody is going to tie you down and cut your organs out. When / if they ask you to be a donor just say "no".
    • Linda Joy
  • ask your dad to tell your rnorn
    • Archie Bunker
      Someone needs to donate a keyboard to Pearl.
  • Like everyone else who commented, I have no idea what you're asking.

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