• Because they are afraid of dust wolves.
    • Linda Joy
      I thought they were hiding from the vacuum cleaner! Have you ever seen a dust wolf? Whatever they're hiding from they need to find another place to hide or they're always going to be found! lol I just remembered My mom telling someone once the older girls used to hide the belts and flyswatters, but they always hid them behind the same dresser, so she knew where to look for them! Thank you for your answer.
  • cause they like it there
    • cheesebrain_
      hey pearl, never thought u will b here.
  • You must have a selective breed of dust bunnies...My dust bunnies hide everywhere.
    • Linda Joy
      Maybe that's the only place in my house that's not full of clutter! lol Or maybe you have nomad dust bunnies! Hey if you turn on a fan and let a little flour fly you could turn your home into a real life snow globe! But wait till you're making Christmas Cookies and it will be festive!
    • Azlotto
      Lol...Great idea.
  • Someone hollered dust bunnies and I turned in to Elmer Fudd saying I am gonna get me a wabbit. 😄
    • Linda Joy
      Buggs Bunny: "Its duck season!"
    • Rick Myres
      My internet just came back on. I forgot the part waskalee wabbit. Uhoh Donald duck betta watch it.
    • Linda Joy
      Its guitar playing mouse season!! Hide!
  • Where else are they supposed to hide. Under the bed allows for easy egress.

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