• ask god to give you one
  • By being the sort of guy a girl is looking for. There is no one "secret" to it. You've just gotta get out there to get some.
  • The best way is to focus on finding a girl with whom you want to be friends and attempt to develop a friendship. That relationship may become romantic and may not so just relax into it and accept the outcome.
  • You can make it a matter of prayer.
  • Getting off your computer and going outside is a good start.
  • You need to find a friend. Be sincere with her. Respect her care her if you will have similar habits, likes and dislikes then you will be in relationship soon.
  • You don't 'get' a girlfriend; you try to make yourself attractive to women. Be yourself! See if you can put yourself 'in a woman's shoes' and what would make her attracted to a good decent guy. See if you can get yourself into any kind of situation where you could start a little chat, like sitting beside a lady on the public transit bus sometimes.😉

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