• Normally, there should be a shower registry and you can select an item from them. If not, the easiest and simplest is box of Diapers...either New Born or Size 1. If it's a big baby, they will skip NB. Gift cards are great to Target/Walmart/Costco.
  • Speak to your other friends who are attending. This way you're not spending more than you have to and not giving a repeat/useless gift. The purpose here is not so much the gift (anything from talcum power to a bottle sterlizer) as it is offering your support to the new mother.
  • you could get a doll if its a girl or sonne toy if its a boy
  • Thank you everyone for your precious answers. But I found this site very helpful.
  • I like to give a journal and encourage them to write their feelings. Both mom and baby can look back on it later.
  • Practical things like Diapers, a couple of different sizes, and wipes, too. A baby grooming kit, swaddle blankets... pretty much anything that is on their registry list. If they didn't register, then yes, definitely diapers.
  • I like to give journals with a personal poem and a small gift card. This is a time of life you will want to remember and often forget details that are not recorded in some way. And some thoughts and feelings aren't recorded even with video, and some are private. But a journal can be shared with the child when they are older to provide even more fond memories and its a bonding activity. Of course these things are all going digital now, so maybe they have a site online that is similar to this nowadays. Or maybe you could make a memory page for them. And diapers and wipes are always useful, as well as gift cards.
  • a nnillion diapers

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