• To get your money, of course!
  • Back in the early Jewish weddings after the wedding ceremony a banquet was held for the guests. The bride and groom were taken to a side room where they consummated their marriage. When they had done so and left the room a group of women would enter checking the bedding for blood. They would then report to the head of the reception as to their findings. If blood was reported all was well however if no blood was found the father of the bride as well as the groom and his family were notified. The groom could demand his money back he had paid for the woman and she would be returned to the father of the bride. Blood lines then were very important for a family because of inheritance. If the woman (bride) did not prove to be a virgin the groom's family would not know if the woman was pregnant or not. The reception was to give the time for virginity proof.
  • To show off due to pride.
  • probably to get money

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