• I doubt it was a suggestion. But you didn't mention a warning or eviction. When the homeless shelter I lived in got bedbugs they told us to wash everything and dry on the highest heat possible and everything else should be tied up in plastic bags and sealed shut with tape for 2 weeks in case any eggs hatch and if we saw any after 2 wks to call them back out. You should have access to a social worker through your adult assistance program. Call them and explain that you are not physically able to do this and need help. Explain the situation to your pastor. And if you still don't get the information or help you need I can give you the number to my Church. They are usually good about helping even if you're not a member. Let me know how it goes! I'll be praying for you. Also many pesticide companies will inspect for free.of course they are going to try and sell you service, but you might could get them to inspect the boxes and if no trace is found you can tell your apt mgr that.
  • "was it a suggestion or was he commanding me to do it?" This seems a little nuts. You were there and we weren't...?.
  • Bedbugs? That about sums it up. They can hide in cardboard boxes for a seriously long time.

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