• LOL How we supposed to read it?
    • Linda Joy
      AB should fix that! It doesn't do that on the phone I don't think. Try copying the entire poem into an answer and then edit as necessary using the edit function. For those who don't know you click on the orange square with the pencil to edit your posts.
  • This is TBO's poem I copied in (what I could get) so you can read it. "Never look in the closet,the boogeyman is there, believe in the Easter bunny and myths we all hold dear. Pray to a plastic crucifix,wear Jesus around your neck, Wear your bulletproof vest,you never know what is next. Take a stroll with me,we can walk all through the hood, misery and death awaits,it will really do us good. See the homeless,the winos,all the thrown away scum, imagine being with them,you were chained and couldn't run. In your perfect world,all that's scary is hidden.blocked out, pencil pushing wealthy pansies,protected without a doubt. Fancy shiny Cadillacs,waxed,away in garages,never seeing sun, living a fairy tale as a life,never under the scary gun. Bust your TV after seeing little ones blown away in Syria, then when it hits too close to home it's always mass hysteria. Ring a Round the Rosie,singing London Bridge is falling down, safe,walled in,armed, saying it will never be in my hometown. It all falls down as explosions are heard,scary, worldwide, thousands dead,but you smile,ignoring it and head inside. We drag you out,another tour through Hell and then back, cowering in fear and shaking,only because he is black. Damn racist puppet,marching to the globalist NWO tunes, redneck high hat wearing honky, hanging with your goons. Scary,fucking fairy tales,all flowing and crimson red, rich,happy go lucky stock brokers,betting on how many dead. Walk with us,be our slave for only one day,we'll play, to Newark we shall go and let... Try copying it into an answer. Then edit as necessary.
    • mushroom
      I've been to Newark (besides the airport). What's the fairy tale connection?
  • probably
  • Nope. Nothing is fake - it's all made of something and for some purpose.
    • mushroom
      Here's a narrative expanding on the concept that everything is an illusion (based on "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe" by Douglas Adams): The Ruler of the Universe is a man living in a small shack on a world that can only be reached with a key to an unprobability field or use of an Infinite Improbability Drive. He does not want to rule the universe and tries not to whenever possible, and therefore is by far the ideal candidate for the job. He has an odd, solipsistic view of reality: he lives alone with his cat, which he has named "The Lord" even though he is not certain of its existence. He has a very dim view of the past, and he only believes in what he senses with his eyes and ears (and doesn't seem too certain of that, either): anything else is hearsay, so when executive-types visit to ask him what he thinks about certain matters, such as wars and the like, he tells them how he feels without considering consequences. As part of his refusal to accept that anything is true, or simply as another oddity, "he talked to his table for a week to see how it would react." He does sometimes admit that some things may be more likely than others ? e.g. that he might like a glass of whiskey, which the visitors leave for him.
  • Are you Stoic? into Stoicism? This can make a big difference in your beliefs.
  • Never Read them all.
  • Yes. Watch Jungle Surfer and RFB.

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