• Not wasting my time. Not interested.
  • no, im not watching it
  • You mean the "America series" surely? Don't bring the best of us into that glorified rugby played with foreigner rules!
    • Linda Joy
      Nope! Like it or not it's called the WORLD Serlies! Deal with it.
    • bostjan64
      @jshm22 The World Series is for baseball, not American football. But it consists only of teams from the USA and Canada (a.k.a. USA lite). I don't know why, but I always assumed that Japan and/or Mexico would have a team or two involved by now, seeing as how baseball is popular in lots of other places... but nope, still just good ol' USA and Canuckistan.
  • No but my man is. He's a real Yankee fan. Yes realize the Houston Astros beat them so now the Astros are in the World Series. He's rooting the LA Dodgers since he hates the Astros for beating the Yankees. I'm for the Dodgers because I'm supporting my man.
    • Linda Joy
      Ha! I know what you mean! I never really liked football much till I got married. My son's father loved the Miami Dolphins and I'm a fan to this day. I picked up a few more since then New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks and Alabama but I'm not so much into baseball.
    • mugwort
      My man is a real super sports fan, Baseball, basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer. Sounds like you really support your husband's sports football team. Merry Christmas
  • no, i havent watched tv much these days
  • no, i dont even have my tv hooked up, i tend to be more into the net these days
  • no, i dont watch tv much, im more into the net these days

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