• maybe it came to visit you and wants you to adopt it
    • B.H. Wilson
      Good one, Lederman!
  • In Florida small lizards are everywhere: this is a common occurance: make sure the screen door & screens on windows are shut tight: they would run up my bedroom wall & scare me to death.
    • Linda Joy
      I never saw a lizard when I lived in Florida. But those flying palmetto bugs creeped me out. One crawled up in the toe my shoe once and I didn't know it was there it was there for a 4 hr shift at work!
  • Relax, Linda. LSD can have that effect. Look at that hand crawling across my screen';el,v],[- ?'v.
    • Linda Joy
      I wouldn't know I've never tried LSD. But I know some of these psych meds can mess with your mind.
  • Hmm! Did you cook it? Curry goes well with lizards!
    • Linda Joy
      Considering the price of meat these days, I'll keep that in mind!
  • Linda were do you live to have a lizard in your house? Can't be as bad as the mouse that runs around my apartment. Tried everything going for sticky paper next. perhaps sticky paper to catch the lizard then give him the his termination papers
    • mushroom
      Get a "Victor Tin Cat" trap and put a glue board inside it. Bait it with a Snickers bar. You might even catch more than one.
    • 1465
      Mice have a survival instinct and need to store as much fat as they can. This is why they go after high carbohydrate foods. Contrary to cartoon legends, they don't care that much for cheese because it isn't high in carbs - but they'll eat it when nothing else is available. Peanut butter is at the top of their list, although they can be suspicious of new gadgetry (especially rats) and thus often thwart mouse traps. . I fixed my mouse problem by tying a Cheez-It cracker to a mousetrap. It kept stealing the peanut butter so I used something I could tie to the trigger, and it worked.
  • Maybe a salamander or newt. They're very common wild animals in some areas of the U.S.
  • I live in a basement apartment and thus get invaded by spiders and centipedes. I keep a can of Raid handy to deal with it. It starts with flies early in the summer, then the flies attract spiders. The spiders, in turn, attract the centipedes. Maybe I should get a cat - that should take care of the centipede problem.
  • There are a handful of lizards common in the SE USA. My grandparents lived in Florida after they retired and had little anole lizards get into their trailer all of the time. When my grandmother dies, my grandfather got a cat, and then no more lizards.
  • Leave it alone and if there are bugs in the house, it will dine on them until they are gone.
    • 1465
      Can't do that - every creature has its predators. When the lizards start invading, the next creature higher up on the food chain will come looking for them.
    • bostjan64
      @1465 Yes, absolutely. This is how cats became domesticated, actually. No one captured wild cats, they just started showing up in cities during the early days of civilization to eat mice that were in turn eating stored grain.
    • dalcocono
      My grandson lived up in Sacramento in an apartment. He was overrun with roaches. His kids came and the captured 3 lizards here at the ranch, and took them home. No cats in the house. He said after a few months, they were practically roach free.. He also said they never saw the lizards except very rarely, so they weren't pests.

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