• hah!! a great question.....I'm 75 and seem to remember Hydrox way before Oreos, but wouldn't swear to it. they are both JUNK CRAP stuff anyway, so if you're smart, you won't eat them.........EVER... ya heah?????? LOL......... :-D
    • Linda Joy
      (Smiling) are you making fun of how I talk? LOL My brother one time asked for Hydrox at the store just so happens the Hydrox guy was there stocking the shelves so he gave us a whole bunch of coupons for free Hydrox because he asked for them by name. He was about two at the time. And yes, Hydrox came first.
    • Linda Joy
      And No. I don't buy regular Oreos. Now if I can find the fudge filled double stuff oh yeah I'm all over that! Especially with some ice cold milk! What's the point in living to be 100 if you don't thoroughly enjoy the journey? !
  • 8-24-2017 Hydrox was first and they scraped by for something like twelve years before Oreo hit the market. They really, really should have used a better name. "Hydrox" sounds like a floor cleaning chemical.
    • Linda Joy
      Good point!

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