• And if I answer my own question does it bring it back up on the recent questions list?
    • Ice man
      Yes, and it'll also go back to the top as soon as I answer your question. : )
  • To answer your question - Yes, that's one reason I'm not a big fan of flying anymore. Will do if it's necessary but don't enjoy it like I use to. Today the seats are much smaller and the rows are crammed much closer together than they use to be, offering no legroom at all and if the passenger ahead of you reclines their seat - you don't have hardly enough room to hold a pocketbook in front of you. Too often I've had the misfortune of either being pressed into the cabin wall (window seat), or squeezed between to extra large people, who were fat enough to cover the armrests completely. Ever tried sitting still with your arms crossed for 4 hours? Heaven help you if they fall asleep, and/or if you have to use the washroom.
    • Ice man
      When was the last time you flew in a plane - Marmite breath ? Was Churchill still the prime minister back then ?? : )
    • Ice man
      ...And you've been heartbroken ever since ..poor little guy ...
    • Ice man
      Well don't get mad, at least he had a good paying job.
    • Ice man
      So Walmart pays enough for drugs & hookers?
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      I sympathize with you. I was trapped next to a college football player once. Half of me had to veer into the aisle.
  • yes i had quite a large lady behind me on a flight and her knees kept poking me in the back it was the worst flight ever

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