• I don't think that's an accurate assessment at all. If anything... I'd say you have that the wrong way around (from my point of view, of course). I know some who are vegetarians and some vegans too, for that matter. I don't hate any of them and couldn't care less about what the eat . I eat meat and get along fine with these folks. Honestly I can only think of one that I didn't, but it wasn't because of what he and his friends ate. It's because he was my ex-brother-in-law, and a complete asshole to begin with. Whenever we were around (this was 20 years ago) his circle of friends at gatherings , we could feel the hate and they weren't shy about making, uncalled for, rude remarks when they knew we were within earshot..
  • I have nothing against vegetarians. I probably eat more vegetables than the average vegetarian. lol
  • Why hate vegetarians? More meat for me!
  • I do resent youngsters claiming to be "vegans", when they just aren't, and no one is, there's no such thing. IT'S A "BETTER THAN YOU" PRETENSE. But other than that, if you want to be chewing vegetable matter all day long like a cow, thats your business. I'm not offended by vegetarians.
  • I know, right?! I posted a question once for someone else asking for recommendations for good vegetarian breakfast options and a troll told me I should put a bullet in my head! Also recommended I get educated - a common bully tactic. But don't those two suggestions seem counter indicated? lol I heard some radio hosts acting like vegetarians shouldn't be allowed to bring vegetarian food to a gathering! Why? If you don't like it don't eat it, but shouldn't we all be able to choose for ourselves? I mean as long as we're not infringing on the rights of others? This goes along with other prejudices and biases as well. But I think you also got to the heart of the problem in your last sentence. I think trying to push your beliefs on others is the rub, and probably some people have developed a prejudice based on certain individuals they've encountered being pushy with their beliefs. But things are changing. More people are becoming vegetarians, especially as they learn the facts. Those spouting off about vegetarians not being healthy are simply not informed on the topic.
  • I don't think they do. People might tell you to stop preaching to them you as you think you are better than everyone else its all in your head you start the rubbish then play the victim is more likely what is happening.
  • I don't know anyone who "hates" vegetarians, certainly not "automatically". You are vastly overstating the case.
  • I certainly don't hate any vegetarians. I don't care if other people eat meat or not. I also don't care if anybody wants to put ketchup on their steak. That's their business. However, I worked at a 19th century "hunting lodge" themed steak house as chef for several years, and more and more vegetarians started coming to the restaurant asking for vegetarian meals. I had to modify my menu to accommodate their eating preferences, and that was a bit annoying. But it never rose to the level of hating them.
  • I can't say I've experienced hatred as a vegetarian, I've been criticised for it but this is a lot less common now than it was 34 years ago when I became vegetarian. I don't preach or try to enforce my views on other people so hopefully I don't provoke hatred. I'm also living proof that vegetarians aren't all pale & thin...

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