• A hooded robe.
  • get the baby's horoscope done!! you can laugh, but it's a very thoughtful'll give her the total picture of the baby's personality, good points and bad points, types of things they are suited for, etc. the one I always give as baby gifts is "Optimum Child" which you can get at ALABE.COM...they email it to you within 24 hrs at the latest; not sure if they still mail them out but you can always ask.........over the years, some have scoffed at this; I tell them to leave it out and don't stick it in a drawer somewhere.......after a while, they always come back and say'gee, it said this and that and she/he really IS like that!!!" can snicker all you want, but astrology is a great tool for many many things. you will need the date/time/place of the baby's birth, so this'll be something you'd give them after you got all the information....... NOW......that being said, if you have NO Interest in THAT, here's another unique gift that no one ever thinks of......A BABY MEMORY BOOK. this is incredibly unique and thoughtful........and generally, NO ONE ever thinks to give this as a baby gift!!! to make it more unique, you could download the front page of the NYTIMES and other big city newspapers on the day they were born, print them out, and include them in it!! cool, huh? and believe me NO ONE else will think to have done this.....
  • You could gift the baby the entire set of bed essential including a quilt, baby pillow, mattress, sheets and bath towels. It is a utilitarian gift and will be used on a regular basis. Just ensure that you buy it from a renowned store in UAE.
  • Gift cards to a place that offers baby stuff is priceless. Places like Target and Baby r us are using good. Diapers are another buy that you can't go wrong. Make sure you know the diaper size though.
  • If your still looking for a gift Walmart just gave out deals and promotions, there is a special on everything kids , very cheap .take the link: pick any promotion then shop nowand free delivery
  • Start a college fund for her.

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