• Someone who I'd just as well be talking to a fence post. He is a what as well as a who.
  • a few things
  • looking for work, the last 6 jobs ive had were all taken away from me, so ive been applying for ssi and living on adult financial which is money that they give you while youre applying plus food stamps and medicaid, i want to work but im tired of getting every single job ive had lately taken from me
    • Linda Joy
      Bless your heart! Good luck with that.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      How is it that you've lost 6 jobs?
    • pearllederman
      first i left a resort cause of hip implants and a knee surgery, tried para aide subbing but they wouldnt call me for work cause they said i wouldnt be able to run after the kids, then i tried tutoring but after 3 months they never had jobs, then i tried xerox,they put me on leave after 3 months, then i tried another calling center but they suspended me cause i made a mistake on the computer, then i tried teletech but i got a 73 on a test instead of the 85 i wanted,then i tried handing out samples inthe stores but when this lady came to train me she saw i wouldnt be able to reach stuff so they canned me
  • The one I gave up on he is like talking to a fence post. Kept calling God the man up stairs while I kept correcting him.
  • I wanted to be a pilot. Gave up after many years. That's only for rich people. I just fly rc planes now
  • Two wives.
    • Linda Joy
      Bless your heart! So you're not married now? I'm two and done as well!
  • Two Wives.
    • Linda Joy
      You've had two wives?
  • Ab trying to figure out all the problems in this site. Is there a way to see all my questions and answers?
    • Linda Joy
      On your profile page you can see the first 20 and then if you go down at the bottom they'll be a little tab that says show more and you have to page through them that's the only way I know to do it
  • Making my second million...I gave up on the first years ago. Not having much luck on my second either.
  • a job sometimes, im tired of having every single job i do get taken away from me, ive lost 6 in a row so now i concentrate more on how to live without one, im tired of being disappointed
    • Linda Joy
      I know that feeling!
  • Asking more questions on this site than you. Can't be done.
    • Linda Joy
      What happened to being King of The Impossible?
    • Anoname
      Good point.
  • I'm just starting.

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