• Of course you're insecure!!! you're learning something new to you.....if you LOVE it, you'll learn and prosper.....if you DON'T love it, get out now while you're what you do? the money will it for the money? you'll have a MOST miserable life!! getting up every day will be a HUGE CHORE and will eventually affect your health. I KNOW I DO tend to ramble on, but I wanted to give you all my thoughts on this......I'd like to know what you think!!!
    • Hollowchris
      Thanks a lot for answering! Really helps a lot ! I?m at most a year away from graduating and I like it a lot ! It?s fun in a weird way ,, I know must things but i don?t know if I?ll be able to apply most things
  • Nothing new about that. You just need to take some self empowerment courses. Nerds and geeks get issues like yours. But there is help available.

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