• my bathroom's so tiny it isn't funny!! I got some milk crate type cubes and stacked some together......they sort of lock in place but even if they don't they stay steady......or you could try any type of box/cube that stacks; plastic's probably the best though.....try Target stores, etc...........have fun!!
  • The best thing to keep toilet ware is a wall shelf with many racks so that it can hold maximum number of things. You can also keep some bathroom accessories on the back of the door by attaching hooks.
  • same here. Husband and I are renovating our house ourselves. I think it's better to buy high quality materials and stuff that will last a long time.
  • My first suggestion is to cull your products. Put anything that is not 'bathroom essential' in another room. (Hall closet or bedroom closet) Consider a small vanity in your bedroom as opposed to keeping it in the bathroom (where you will be separated from it if anyone else has to take a dump) For a temporary solution or for anyone in an apartment I'd suggest the plastic 3 drawer units from Walmart. I suggest using rubber bands to secure cords. If others use the same bathroom you might consider a basket to hold the things you use for your bath/shower and take it in the bathroom when you use the bathroom and keep it in your bedroom when you finish your bath. I use my dirty clothes to sop up any drips and use a robe instead of a towel taking it all out with me when I leave the bathroom so it will be tidy for those that need to use it after me. Or at least I did when I shared a bathroom. Now I use the over the door hooks I bought at Aldi to hang a tee shirt on. You can use them for towels as well. You may want to consider one of those shelves that go over the toilet.
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  • The simple and obvious thing is to install a "vanity". That is: a cabinet which also holds the bathroom sink. If you already have such a thing and need even MORE storage space, consider cabinets at ceiling height, like the upper cabinets in your kitchen. You could also consider a deep medicine cabinet/mirror above the sink.
  • An over the door rack

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