• Legal?Yes,of course.
  • Not until the 17 year old turns 18 in USA.
  • Laws vary world wide ... some places it is legal, other places it is not, and still a few other places require marriage first.
  • Here, in the U.S., 17 will get you 20.
    • Dokie
      You are quite ignorant about the law I see. First the age of consent in most US states is 16
  • It depends on what state you are in. The age of consent in America varies from 16-18, with certain exceptions if you are married. The following link has a breakdown of the ages of consent by state. Warning: Most of the information on the above site is accurate, but I have caught a few errors in the past (but I don't remember what states they were). I would recommend double checking the information. Or post what state you are in and I will verify it for you.
  • Many of these people are commenting without even an ounce of knowledge. There are differences between the states and contrary to what some people would like you to is not a general rule in the U.S. that if you're over 18 and having consensual sex with someone under 18, that you are committing a crime. Simply not true. Nice try though.

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