• I just got a brand new Samsung Galaxy A 50 and today I experienced the Black screen of death and YouTube video showed me how to correct it not so sure I want to keep it ?
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      Hardware problems are common with Samsung mobile devices. Try downloading the latest software update and Uninstall unwanted apps that might crash or freeze the system.
  • I have had two, and I'd steer clear of them again, they are good for about two years, and then they start to freeze, and the internet connection becomes really poor. Be nice if people let us know about their mobiles on a longer term viewpoint, so people can be more savvy when buying them.
  • I don't know about phones but samsung appliances are junk mine are 3 years old having trouble with ice maker, dish washer spray arm won't move have 2 units both ice makers don't work never again will I buy their junk.Nov/17.2021
  • All Samsung products are dog dirt anymore take it back. My appliances are 3 years old and are failing. Nov.17.2021 never again
  • I have a Galaxy A01 and it's been pretty good. Like it better than the Moto E.
  • I bought a Galaxy J3 about 5 years ago and it worked the entire time I had it - I sent it to my sister when I upgraded. Only then did it show any sign of having a problem. But she is hard on cellphones, to begin with, so I chalk its demise to being in her hands. The one I upgraded to is a Galaxy J2 and I've not had any issues with it. I think a lot of people who are dissatisfied are so because they download all kinds of junk that the phone can't handle. The more apps you have (and use) on a phone, the more there is power consumption. Just keeping the battery full isn't enough. Any time you're dealing with power, you're dealing with heat. And while your phone doesn't show signs of actually overheating, the heat still degrades the electrical circuitry, and eventually, something has to give out.

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