• 7-7-2017 Well, I don't tell many people about this, but I have an old family recipe, and when it says to add one can of water, I don't add the water.
    • Linda Joy
      You rebel! Lol I don't tell many people about this but I was copying over a recipe my mom had once and it called for as much cheese as you can afford.
    • Jewels Vern
      I remember those days. My dad worked for $1.00 an hour and the price of milk was set by federal law at $.94 a gallon.
  • I have no guilty pleasure or guilt of any kind I have handed them all over to the Lord Jesus.
  • To receive things for free. Not that often does this happen however every now and then I now a place which gives away stuff grab as much as I can
    • Linda Joy
      My email address is on my profile page. If you message me with an address (doesn't even have to be yours just one you know will give you the package) I'll send you a package. What are your favorite colors again?

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