• I'm a mansvestite!
    • Linda Joy
      What does that mean exactly?
    • Natz
      Is that not a women that looks like a man?
    • Linda Joy
      I always thought of that black spot as being male. Are you supposed to be a black hole?
    • CosmicWunderkind
      I'm staying nutral on this..unnewtered..nutural
  • Relistening to my own voice notes on WhatsApp directly after sending it, singing out loud with headphones in my ears. talking to myself while driving in the car and yours?
    • Linda Joy
      The fringe and the notebook thing. I'm also easily distracted.
  • Chaturbate for a long time.
  • love this question.......I HATE HATE HATE CONTRASTING STITCHING ON know, like watchbands, belts, me it looks cheesy and crummy. also hate multi-colored, jewelry, etc......NOTHING MULTI-COLORED is nice........always looks cheap and trashy........... so remember folks, never buy or wear anything multi-colored; it screams' i have no taste' and is always trashy looking.........I'm serious!!
    • Linda Joy
      are you saying that every piece of clothing you own is one solid color?
    • BRG
      well you got me!!! I was referring to everything OTHER than clothing such as jewelry; saw an expensive ring on one of the shopping channels; that sucker was over $1,000, and was made up of multi-colored stones......looked like it came out of a gumball machine or Cracker Jack box!! there is just SOMETHING about multi-colors that never looks nice or expensive for some strange reason........but yes, in clothing it's OK & thanks for pointing that out to me.........!!
  • I'm a weird person, so I don't even really know where to start with this question. I absolutely hate how Styrofoam feels against my teeth. I hate the feeling of numbness probably more than any pain feeling, and I can't stand the smell of white vinegar for some reason.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't like to touch fringe or the torn paper ripped from spiral notebooks, and I don't like the smell of cantaloupe.
  • I Google daily on news on conjoined twins aka Siamese twins . I feel joyful when they are successfully separated or if they can't be how they cope.
  • I hate plastic cups and all drinking material made of it. Plastic maintains the taste of whatever came before. I only drink from glass. 😄
    • Linda Joy
      We're opposite there. I sanitize my dishes with bleach water so no smell but fresh and clean. I'm afraid of breaking glass stuff. I have hand tremors sometimes.
  • All my "things" are perfectly normal (to me)!
    • Linda Joy
      Oh sure! Claim normal and let the rest of us feel weird! haha
    • Professor Yaffle
      Others may judge some of my "things" as weird, that's up to them. As I said, normal to me!

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