• I don't really know my granddaughter as we have hardly ever been together. I don't know my great grandsons at all. i don't miss them because I have never known any of them.
    • Linda Joy
      That's sad. Wouldn't you like to meet them?
  • I agree completely but that is not necessarily an indication that there are not times I would want to strangle the grandchild's adult parent ! ! ! Oh well, kids is kids so our parents have probably said the same thing about us from time to time.
    • Linda Joy
      I totally agree!
  • There your second chance at strangling them rather than your original teenagers
    • Linda Joy
      You mean the parents and not the grandchildren right?
  • That's just ridiculous, Linda. The bitter, lonely person making that statement should be strangled. Preferably in a quiet dark alley, so they don't even get attention in death.
    • Linda Joy
      you need to go buy a sense of humor man! LOL
    • Linda Joy
      But your Islamic teaching is coming through loud and clear! What a fine demonstration of Islamic peace!! HAHAHAHAHA!
  • First you have to get over the PTSD: Post Teenager Stress Disorder.

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