• Not if he is smart.
    • @ppl31990
      And why do you say that? I did not actually sleep with anyone. That's the thing, I said it out of anger because I was trying to hurt him because I was hurting. I took out my frustrations on him.
  • Why do you want to be with this person if all you do is fight? Maybe it's time to move on.
    • @ppl31990
      I think that I just want to opportunity to say that I am sorry. Even if its time to move on, I allowed my anger to get the best of me and I was out of line. I didn't want it to end as badly as it did.
    • Linda Joy
      I can understand that. I've done it myself a time or two.
    • @ppl31990
      Thank you for understanding.
    • Linda Joy
      Praying for you.
    • @ppl31990
      Thank you.
    • Linda Joy
      You're welcome
  • Girl yes, at least if yall grown. As long as yall don't get in yall feelings it will be the best sex. Ain't no sex like sex from a man who trying to prove he the best dick. Just give him a few months. He will talk to you again. I gained weight and everything, and he like it even more. If yall was messing around for 2 years and you ain't married bih and you know that dck good get that dck. Don't say I ain't eva told you nothing. I broke up with my dude 3 years ago and I still call him when I want it. It's too much lame dck out here. He know it's only when I call him and that's it. As long as he know that you good.
  • only tinne will tell if he'll speak to you again
  • Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, it's time to move on and find a new sex buddy, or friend with benefits. If you couldn't make it work in five years, it ain't gonna work.
  • Two things to consider here: the impact of what you said in anger and why you broke up in the first place 5 years ago. Trust is the absolute most important thing in a relationship. It's like an egg - once broken it can never be put back together like it was in the beginning. Therefore, trust has to be guarded carefully. What you said may have had a huge impact, but there were other reasons that played into the situation as well - reasons that date back 5 years ago. I've always maintained that a person can never have so many friends that he can afford to lose one. But in situations like this, it appears the friendship is over. Move on and learn from your mistakes. Even if you do manage to patch things up and get back together, it wouldn't last. The seed of doubt has already been planted - and it will grow.
  • We don't know him and can't read his mind. How can we possibly say whether he will speak to you again? I might point out that since you were basically broken up, he really had no right to expect you to be monogamous. Why, then, would you want a man who reacts this way? What's more, you two don't seem to get along well, so I don't think this relationship has any positive future. You could try telling him that you were lying simply because you were angry, but if you are smart, you will move on and look for a man with whom you can have a much healthier relationship. He is not the one. I'd also suggest that you see a therapist to figure out why you stuck with this obviously poor relationship as long as you did and why you were "messing around" even after you broke up. You seem to have some issues.

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