• Do you have yours? I don't remember ever doing that. I do remember my sister and I digging up clay out of the neighbors yard and making 'pottery' out of it for my mother. My sister used more water in hers and hers was smooth and round, but it cracked and broke. Mine was a square and lumpy. Lol. Mom actually kept her jewelry in mine. I was in 3rd grade Tina was in 5th. I remember my grandson bringing home a laminated poster that said world's greatest grandma and it had his hand print on it I kept it on the refrigerator till I lost my home. The kids made them at school for Mother's Day. But the teacher knew that he didn't live with his mother and that I took care of him
  • 6-28-2017 It never occurred to me that I might do such a thing. When I was in 4th grade we did spoon rests and the teacher required us to get her approval before painting them. I had no idea what to paint. I drew a zigzag across the thing and she said "Don't make it look like an Easter egg!" I had no other ideas, so my spoon rest was plain white.
    • Linda Joy
      She should not have criticized and stifled your creativity like that!
    • Anoname
      You should've been allowed to make whatever design you liked.

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