• Probably but here’s a story in that vein. Several years ago I was teaching at the college level. At that time most folks who did what I did subscribed to a national professional publication focused on that profession. On one cover of that publication, relating to one of the articles, there was a humorous cartoon like flow chart of many management people of a fictitious organization. There was a high level person on that chart who was a goofy looking cartoon character who was supposed to be a professional in the field I taught. The goofy character had my hair color, haircut, mustache, glasses like mine, and looked exactly like it was a funny character drawing of me. It wasn't of course but the resemblance was amazing. I copied the cover and sent it to the dean of the school (who I knew fairly well) with a note intending to play it up as an obvious joke. Nothing was said but later, at an all school faculty meeting, we heard from several speakers. When the dean was about to speak he first called me to the podium. I had no idea what that was about and began walking up to the podium as he announced an award was being awarded to me to me for being highlighted in this national professional magazine. So, standing there in front of the entire faculty I had to announce, "Hey, that was a joke! That's not me." Everybody at the meeting totally cracked up and it really was pretty funny and, feeling quite foolish, I handed him back the award. Fortunately the dean thought it was pretty funny too.
  • Yup. I was supposed to get a promotion when I was still on active duty. I was medically retiring but I was still on the list for promotion on the next quarter. This was a mandatory retirement, mind you. I had already signed my re-enlistment papers, but they changed their minds because of the draw down from Iraq. Too many senior enlisted troops which transfers to too many higher paychecks. Privates are cheaper than staff-sergeants. The military being the military, stuck me with the green weenie and I was officially discharged 2 days before my promotion. They didn't want to pay my retirement at the higher rate. F*ckers.
    • Linda Joy
      Typical! Assholes!
    • Archie Bunker
      Green Weenie

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