• I don't follow links. But I suggest coconut oil. You don't necessarily need it on your scalp just the ends. And I'd rather have oily hair than have my hair flying all over the place.
  • FIRST need to look to your EATING HABITS.......that's a big part of taking care of your hair.........Our hair reflects our general, overall body health....... get a protein supplement, either powder or capsule, and try that.......try to eat FRESH STUFF ONCE IN A WHILE.........fruit/veggies, etc...... in the meantime, get any of the really good shampoos and conditioners for 'frizzy' hair.......I have coarse hair & these products have helped my hair so much!!! AND OILS ARE NO HELP as the hair is PROTEIN.....try to find a hair product with protein........even hair gel if used right can help...also, Garnier Fructis has an 'anti-frizz' creme, which I tried and it helps keep my hair ' laying down' & not so frizzy looking. SO DO LOOK INTO THE SHAMPOOS/CONDITIONERS for 'frizzy' or 'curly' hair, and the anti-frizz creme I told you about....L'Oreal also makes one; same ingredients; but little more expensive. so now you have something to go by!!! I AM A RETIRED HAIRDRESSER/makeup artist & will be glad to help you with any other questions or concerns!! DO GET BACK TO ME IF YOU WANT...........I look forward to hearing from you and helping you!!!!!!!!!!

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