• Ice man
      Chicken ??
    • Linda Joy
      That illusion of control looks so cute on you! Lol
    • Linda Joy
      I lost count! lol But I answered the ones I hadn't already answered. Hope you get more responses because of the recycle.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Thank you!
    • Linda Joy
      Anytime! Next time you want them recycled shoot me an email and I'll try to think up different answers so they won't be flagged as duplicates, and even if they are, and my answers are removed they will still be recycled. My email address is in my profile. You can also send a link to any questions in particular you'd like for me to answer whether they are yours or not. And ask more questions, please. But if the question is on another site, I'll probably only answer if I don't have to join or sign up for an account.

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