• I'm not going to give others my answer, but the Curtis Loew band rocks.
    • Linda Joy
      Blasphemy! This is Skynyrd!
    • Azlotto
      "The Ballad of Curtis Loew" is a great tune by Lynyrd Skynyrd..."The Ballad of Curtis Loew" is a song written by Allen Collins and Ronnie Van Zant and recorded by Lynyrd Skynyrd. The song was first released on the band's 1974 album, Second Helping and again on their compilation, The Essential Lynyrd Skynyrd and later on All Time Greatest Hits.
    • Linda Joy
      Interesting! I thought you were naming someone who had covered the song.
  • Gimme three steps
    • Linda Joy
      That's the song Alright! But what's the next lyrics?
    • MissAshleigh
      Honestly I don't know without using google.
  • When in walked a man, With a gun in his hand, And he was looking for you know who. He said, "Hey there, fellow With the hair colored yellow, Whatcha tryin' to prove? 'Cause that's my woman there, And I'm a man who cares" ..... a great old Skynyrd tune.
    • Linda Joy
      Nailed it! (Smiling)
    • Linda Joy
      And this just might be all for you! I said wait a minute mister I didn't even kiss her! Don't want no trouble with you! And I know you don't owe me but I wish you would let me ask one favor from you! Oh won't you gimme three steps, gimme three steps Mister, gimme three steps towards the door! Gimme three steps gimme three steps, mister and you'll never see a me no more! Well he turned and screamed at Linda Lou and that's a break I was looking for! And you could hear me screaming a mile away as I was headed out towards the door! Oh won't you to gimme three steps gimme three steps mister gimme three steps towards the door...
    • Ice man
      : )
  • When in walked a man, with a gun in his hand, and he was looking for you know who.
  • "When"

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