• Yes, I like the smell of leather.
    • Linda Joy
      Do you wear it?
    • stellacook
      yes I like the smell of my new leather clothes
  • Not as much as I like the feel of a leather belt across my backside.
  • Yes, and I used to enjoy tooling leather. My hands will no longer let me do so.
    • Linda Joy
      I made something in a leather craft one time but I can't remember what it was now.
    • Thinker
      I used to teach leather crafts.
  • its okay but i never thought about smelling it
  • Yes, I like the smell of leather. I used to like to carve and stamp leather making beautiful items of it. Arthritis and loss of most of my eye sight has changed all that
    • Linda Joy
      I've seen beautiful leather workmanship! Is there no surgery that can save your sight? Oh, that inspires a new question.
    • Thinker
      Short of a miracle of the Lord Jesus there is no surgery to repair my eyes. Guess I may have to learn Brail.
    • Linda Joy
      That would be cool! But with the technology we have nowadays text can be read to you.
  • I don't care for the smell in particular, however, I did get into trouble for my writing sample on a school exam, when I "ordered" several leather items from a shop displaying "play" accessories.
  • The smell is fine, but I don't suggest sticking it in your mouth and getting it good and juicy. :P
  • ye s its a nice smell
  • yes, especially in new cars

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