• My Dad is 76...Does that count?
    • Linda Joy
      Is he on answerbag? How old are you?
    • Azlotto
      He could be on Answerbag..."How old are you?"...I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. ; )
    • Linda Joy
    • Azlotto
      Wow!..You're older than dirt...jk...I'm 54 ; )
    • Linda Joy
      I dunno, dirt is pretty darned old! But I'm definitely Too Old to Die Young! (Smiling)
    • Linda Joy
      I'm 60 now!
    • DancesWithWolves
      I'm age 53
  • I am 78.
    • Thinker
      I am now 79.
  • I am 63.
    • Bootsiebaby
      My mum is still 63. She turns 64 on July 21st.
    • Rick Myres
      I got to 64 on November 19.
  • It'll be a long time before I reach 75. My parents are only in their 60s. I'm not even 40 until November. Lol :)
  • 1,234.5 ..... but I should add a +/- because it fluctuates. ; )
    • Linda Joy
      Are you really over 75? Cuz I guessed you closer to 65.
    • Ice man
      No, I didn't say I was 75 and you didn't ask how old we were. You asked how many AB'ers were over 75. Hence my answer - one thousand,two hundred and thirty four point five (+/- a few). But your guess is closer than Anoname's on the other post. : )
    • Linda Joy
      What was his guess?
    • Linda Joy
      And I challenge your answer! There are not that many people over 75 on this site! And what are you scared of your age maybe you're the chicken AND the fish! JUST SHOUT IT OUT LOUD LIKE YOU'RE PROUD OF IT! DO IT! JUST DO IT! (Laughing hard)
    • Linda Joy
      Oh wait maybe I should just ask you kindly how old are you?
    • Ice man
      Okay, first off - let's get the fish and chicken thing settled. The question would be, "What smells like fish, but tastes like chicken ?" - answer : pussy. Secondly - I'm neither pussy, fish, nor chicken. Or scared of my age either for that matter, we were turning my age into a guessing contest. You get three guesses before you're out. By the way .. you only have two left. If someone guesses right .. I'll admit it and cook them supper He guessed 55 and was wrong. If we're going to do this it should be ALL on the same thread and in fairness to Anoname we started on one of his. As for the number of AB'ers over 75 ... there probably aren't as many currently but if you include past members ... my number would be very low. This site was huge and very popular with people of all ages.
    • Linda Joy
      Mine don't smell like fish! And I never intended to call you a pussy, but since you're not upfront and honest about your age, I may have to change my mind about that! Lol You didn't even bother to leave me a link to the place where the guessing is going on and I'm quickly losing interest anyway. Chicken.
    • Ice man
      I thought you knew everything... Good luck .. no more clues for you... :-p ...
  • I'M 75.......... & lovin' it!!!
  • not me
  • If you flip the numbers that's my age
    • Linda Joy
      You gotta be 60 by now. Am I right?
  • Not 75 yet but if I ever see it the year is 2036 scary what the world will be or look like then. Still a young fox
  • Active users or registered users? Active- probably only two or three, maybe four. Registered- hard to say, but clearly at least ten times that much.
  • I am 70-years-old, five years shy of being age 75
  • Age 75 and 6 months.😋
  • The oldest one I know is 66, I think.
  • I haven't heard that one before, but it could be seen by some as as offensive. We prefer to be called Aboriginal or First Nations People.

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