• I never like seeing things that start out as being of us, grow only to be swallowed by a soulless corporate entity. when google bought you tube, that didn't make it better. And I remember these companies when they were just grass roots, made in a garage things we made for ourselves. They were cool. Now...they're republican 'owners' ripping us off just like everything else!
    • Rick Myres
      BTW I was not ignoring your answers the other day. I was not feeling that good. I just thought I would explain how I seemed to not want to respond.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      :) Thank you
    • Rick Myres
      Actually I did not know another had asked about it. Thanks you.
    • Ice man
      No problem & you're welcome. : )
  • This happened a few years ago. Old news.
  • I'm just answering this question because I want to see the opinions of those 'from Yahoo Answers' and everyone on this subject and to show people old questions aren't obsolete, even if the question is. Besides, I miss Rick. I didn't actually care that Yahoo was sold to Verizon but I wasn't heavy into YA like y'all were. I know Rick used to visit that site as well, so it was important to him. And also to see if anyone even reads the other answers in the threads. I know there are a few of you that do!

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