• You have "virgin syndrome". You've been pretty deprived of female company (as is the case with most kids who do maths) but your biology is your biology and you've got the mental maturity of a 12 year old. Best to talk to her and see if she's willing to give you the time of day for a coffee. Else you're just wasting your time and effort.
    • WierdQs
      At least your answer made me laugh.. thanks. You are maybe right... I have "virgin syndrome." Talking about mental maturity...please tell me what made you think so... I read philosophy and always considered myself a deep person...(and everyone who knows me says so too)!!! And I also think too much... But anyway Thanks. it actually lightened my mind...
    • WierdQs
      One more thing.... I can easily get female company... many girls would like to talk to me... but I deprive myself of them knowingly cause they waste time and money!!
    • jshm22
      It was meant as a bit tongue in cheek. Also, "virgin syndrome" does not mean lack of sexual activity. But lack of deep relationships with the opposite sex. It's usually a sign of lack of mental maturity and empathy which can be found in philosophers and those into science . It was Plato or Socrates who said "If you get a wife, you'll become happy; if you don't you'll become a philosopher." So you're forgetting to become "human" in not making deep connections and relationships with females. They are the best part of man. after all

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