• You talk too much.
    • pearllederman
      I couldve used a real answer than a putdown, thanks for nothing
    • Jewels Vern
      Next time ask a real question instead of just whining on and on.
    • Linda Joy
      She asked a serious question! And you were very rude! I hope you're never in this situation and somebody tells you what you told her.
    • Jewels Vern
      If you want a proper answer you have to ask a proper question. When the question overruns the answer box, you talk too much.
  • don't give up on SSI just because you were denied. They deny almost everyone initially. You need to get a lawyer and it'll take a while but you can probably get disability. Many homeless shelters will help with sanitary products including tissue. In which city do you live?
    • pearllederman
      im in greeley colorado, also, i liked what you said to vern. Ive stayed in shelters before , right now im in hud housing
    • Linda Joy
      Do you have access to a social worker through hud? Here is contact information to the social services in your area. It helps to always be polite kind and respectful to these people but also be persistent if there's something that you need sometimes they forget they have heavy caseloads remind them kindly.
  • Hey did you get your SSD?
  • Get a job. Take care of yourself. I'm with Vern, usually what you post on here is a lot of complaining about how life sucks and no one is helping you. You have to help yourself because no one else will. Welcome to life in the real world.
  • There are plenty of options, some are a little outside of the box and some are extreme. Lots of people in Vermont don't have jobs and still manage, even though winters here are horrible. I'm sure there is a way.

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