• That's an interesting quote. Yea, I think they need their grief both let out, and acknowledged. If you were to do the old "It's not so bad!" to someone with a real problem, you'd be doing him a great and harmful disservice. The last thing someone with grief needs is to be told they have no right to feel bad!! ............ But..once you've let him vent, and acknowledged his concerns are valid, then the cheering up should start. Divert the attention. Start with the jokes, to get him to make some too. The healing begins... (It's a hard job to have to be the one to do this kind of thing for someone. It takes time. You cant rush it. So it can get tedious. But a real friend will do it.
    • Anoname
      I agree with that viewpoint.
  • Both. Empathy first then comfort. Hugs help. What is the address of that scripture quote? I've heard mourn with those that mourn. I often don't recognize quotes from newer translations. I'd like to read it in the KJV. Thank you! Good question, Anoname and answer Mr. Pants.
    • Anoname
      Took over an hour to find it. The correct expression is: Like one who takes away a garment (umbrella) on a cold (rainy) day ... is one who sings songs (tries to cheer up) to a heavy heart. (those depressed) Proverbs 25:20
    • Linda Joy
      You get extra points for persistence and thoroughness! Is it getting hot in here or is it just you?

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