• I don't use Yahoo e-mail so I don't know for sure, but I'm thinking you must have a "settings" feature where you can reverse or change your mail settings. It's probably set to delete AB instead of just send it to the junk folder. Again I'm not familiar with Yahoo mail, but you might be able to send your AB mail to a separate new folder (that you create) just for AB, instead of the junk folder.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Thanks Ice man. There doesn't seem to be a way, because even Yahoo is telling people to do something that the people then complain doesn't work. So I added AB as a contact. Maybe that will get it off the black list. ...I'm still looking for a way to send AB mails to a folder, but honestly, I think if I do get my mail back, I maybe shouldn't screw with it any more. lol
  • Uggh! I have totally screwed this up. I cant get e-mails from AB anymore. I don't answer something, that's why. *sigh* .......I'm gonna stop blaming myself though, because it isn't like we can go to our profiles and select what we want or don't want for notices. We have no control at all. .... Still, I can see no reason why I'm not receiving mails now. I told it "not spam"!! *kicks a rock* I'll have to make a new account from the looks of it.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Nope. It wont let me use the same e-mail for a new account. Well, that's it then! *starts tying rope to ceiling fan...* *Captain Meow looking worried*
  • just click on top of your email the one that says not spam

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