• I don't think all members should be able to delete posts. I think AB might consider moderators and/or special members that can delete spam and offensive posts.
  • I understand your concern, but you're suggesting that not only should AB have censorship, but all should be the censors. *shakes head* If you don't like a post, tell a moderator. If it legitimately should be removed, they will. But if you allow just everybody to remove posts, then the site's posts history will be getting obliterated all the time, and threads will begin to not make sense because of missing dialogue, etc. Some sites wont even allow you to delete YOUR OWN post (OR alter the content, once posted, or after a few minutes). I had a site where I found it necessary to employ that rule, because someone was decimating the place just because she could. That's not okay. So in the TOS it now says (as so many other sites state in their rules): "Once you post something, it belongs to the site, and cannot be removed. Don't ask." ....But I do see your concern. I just think telling a mod should be enough recourse for a bothered member to have at their disposal. -because even a site that says all posts belong to the site and can't be removed, WILL still remove an offensive post, like spam, or the nasty work of someone who earns themself a ban. ....PERHAPS an alternate solution for your concern here could be an ability to block other members posts from appearing. To a limited degree (ie, he'd still be able to post, but for the most part would no longer SEE your posts, to be able to comment on them --- and you wouldn't be able to see any of his comments). This works on many sites, by curtailing most of the pest's activities towards you, and by allowing his victim to forget he exists and be happy. ----------- Now, I have a to "trolls": I know I've been here barely a month, but I haven't seen any! ..though I HAVE SEEN a lot of talk of them existing. And being a survivor of the troll infested fiasco which was Yahoo Answers, I am very familiar with one of the effects of trolls...that people begin to live in fear of them, and because they can't tell who is or who isn't one, a climate of suspicion and trepidation sets up..and then everyone leaves because that's not fun!! Now I'm new, but I'm reading that there has been a problem at AB. But I wonder, might some percentage of that problem currently be more like fear of trolls as opposed to actual troll behavior? *shrug* I just haven't seen any trolling (TBH I'm not even sure what counts as trolling here. At Y/A trolls would falsely report your answers till your account got terminated, and then go whack off and giggle like an arsonist thrilled at the havoc he's randomly wreaked. Is THAT what you all mean by trolling, at AB? Does that kind of thing happen here? Or are we talking more like a case of unwanted advances from a male member who doesn't take no for an answer? (because that's not so much "trolling" as harassment, and real world laws apply to that situation). (Although, a system of warnings & bans is usually sufficient for 'getting along issues'.)
  • I don't know, but it's a damned good idea.
    • Ice man
      If you don't know in the first place .... how can it be a "damned good idea" ?
    • Crazychick
      Because it would enable me to delete all the posts by that horrible "we are dough" pervert from my Q&A. The "I don't know" part of my answer means I don't know if it's possible to install it or not. Lol:)
  • Not a chance. Trolls are eventually outed .
    • Crazychick
      Have they outed that nasty old "we are dough" yet? They outed him once, but he came back with a new account. Have they outed that one as well?
  • 7-23-2017 Sure it's possible. But then you would have Yahoo Answers, and that would be teh suxorz.
  • No. That violates user opinions. What I think this site should add is the old downgrade button to diminish answers you don't agree with.
  • NO & it shouldn't be added IF it was possible. Just because you have good intentions, it doesn't mean that everyone would use it wisely!!! Just because somebody disagrees with you, it does NOT make them a troll...nor does it necessarily make them wrong!!!😗
    • Nosmo King
      That wasn't what I meant by troll posts. This is an example of misunderstandings that caused a lot of unnecessary drama on the old site. A troll is not someone who disagrees with another. I remember a woman called Elizabeth who was regular on the old site, we found something we didn't agree on but she was far from being a troll, she disagreed in a civilised manner. A troll is someone who goes out of his or her way to be offensive.

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